The Bug Page

This page lists known bugs in Dexter. It is divided into Live Bugs and Dead Bugs, so you can see whether the problem you are concerned with (a) has been reported but not solved, (b) has supposedly been solved, or (c) is a brand-new bug.

See also The Good News and the Bad News.

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Live Bugs

Disappearing Red Line Bug
Description: In the Dexter Coder, the red line that represents overlapping speech is sometimes shorter than it should be.
Cause: This is related to the Disappearing Speaker Name Bug but is less serious. It is also a screen-redrawing issue.
Status: I am working on a solution, but see below for the workaround.
Workaround: Simply switch to another window that obscures the Coder window, and then back again, and the red line should be the correct size again.

Dead Bugs

Unable-to-create-a-written-document-stylesheet Bug
Description: In the Dexter Converter, when you click Create Stylesheet and then select Written, nothing happens.
Cause: This is caused by a bug in the code.
Status: This has been fixed as of version 0.6.3.
Disappearing Speaker Name Bug
Description: When you mouse or type in the left-most columns of a text window, such as the Coder's document window, the text mysteriously disappears.
Cause: This is a redrawing problem caused by the hanging-indent style used in some text windows. The text does not actually disappear.
Status: Fixed in version 0.4.2. This was actually due to a bug in Java, but I have added code to deal with it.