Current Status of Features in Dexter, or The Good News and the Bad News

Dexter is currently in the beta stage, which means that some features have not yet been implemented. Here is the current status of the major features. See below for a key to the colors.

For a list of known bugs, see the Bug Page. Click here to go back to the Download Page.

The purpose of this page is to let you see what features we have in the pipeline for Dexter, and where they stand in relation to other features. If you see something that isn't implemented yet that you think is very important, or if you would like to suggest a feature that you don't see here, please send an e-mail and cast your vote.

Shown here is the status of Dexter version 0.6.4

Dexter Coder
Open/close transcript files
Open/close/save code files
Create/delete code types/tokens
Rename code type
Hierarchical code organization
Apply codes to transcript
Fancy "bubble" display of codes
Overlapping speech supported
Automatically save code file
Log all important activity
Handle document metadata
Change font size
Change color of code type
Perform checks upon file opening/saving
Search on text
Search on codes
Search on structure
Search on speaker data
Combine searches with AND/OR
Combine searches with sequencing criterion
Report search results as count
Output search results to log
Output search results to TXT file
Output search results to HTML file
Automatically determine left margin from speaker names
Browse search results
Improved design of Search window
Graphical representation of code distribution
Apply codes to search results
Search-and-replace codes
Comments may be added to both code types and tokens
Keyboard shortcuts for common actions
Clicking on a point shows code popup
Selective code removal through code popup
Hiding a code type affects all subcategories
Sequencing criterion enabled for written documents
Quick text search function
Search-and-replace codes selectively
Import code types only from a code file
View search results as KWIC
Output search results to XML file
Output transcript to TXT file
Output transcript to XML file
Output transcript to HTML file
Output transcript + codes to HTML file
View metadata in window
Automatic descriptive stats reporting
Open multiple code files simultaneously
Merge multiple code files
Search across multiple transcripts
Search on utterances
Support POS tags
Support glossed-text transcripts
Dexter Converter
Accept spoken transcripts as input
Automatically analyze and profile document
Stylesheet editor with drop-down boxes
Open/close/save stylesheets
Output DexML file
Output plain-text file
Overlapping speech supported
Process document metadata
Interactive error-correction for unparseable text
Interactive error-correction for ambiguous text
Display list of skipped problems
Display DexML document in window
Display pre-conversion document in window
Manually edit and reparse document
Item-by-item help topics
Accept written texts as input
Accept XML documents as input
Automatically detect xml files vs. txt files
Automatically detect character encoding in document
Automatically detect stylesheet type on opening
Allow reuse of open stylesheet for multiple documents
View metadata in window
Support glossed-text transcripts
Reference Material
Website text: General
Website text: Slideshow
Website text: Downloading and installing
Website text: Java information
Dexter Help system: General
Dexter Help system: How to report a problem
Dexter Help system: Converter topics
Dexter Help system: Coder topics
Dexter Help system: Search topics
Dexter Help system: List of TEI elements
Dexter Help system: search function
Revamped Dexter Help system
Dexter Help system: topic index
Online help system


Key:  This color means the feature has not yet been implemented. This color means the feature has been partially implemented. This color means the feature has been fully implemented. A border like this indicates a recent change.