How to run Dexter

Once you've installed Dexter, you can run the program by one of the following methods...

If you're using Java Web Start

The easiest way to start the Dexter Converter or the Dexter Coder is via a shortcut (alias) to the application (program) on your desktop or somewhere like that. Typically, Java will ask you the first or second time you run Dexter whether you would like to create a shortcut. Just say yes, and it will create an icon on your desktop. You will do this once for the Dexter Converter, and once for the Dexter Coder. If you're using Windows, it will also create a Dexter folder in the Start Menu under All Programs.

If Java hasn't yet prompted you to create a shortcut, try closing the program and starting it again from the website. If you're still not prompted to create a shortcut, you can do so from the Java Application Cache Viewer. See the Java page for more information.

If you've installed Dexter manually

If you've saved the Dexter zip archive (file) to your hard drive and extracted it, you can make a shortcut (alias) to the Dexter Converter file, which is called "DexterConverter.jar", and another one to the Dexter Coder file, which is called "DexterCoder.jar". (Your operating system may have been set to hide extensions like .jar, in which case you won't see that part of the file name.) The shortcuts may be placed anywhere you like on your computer, but the jar files themselves must remain in the Dexter folder, together with the other files that were in the zip archive. (This Dexter folder itself may also be placed anywhere on your hard drive, as long as you don't take the files out of it.)

Depending on your operating system, you are probably free to change the names of the shortcuts to the programs.

Note that for this method to work, your computer must recognize .jar files as Java archive files, and know that they are to be run using Java. If this is not the case, you may have to associate the .jar extension with Java.

For more information, see the user manual, which is accessed from within the programs under Help.