Latest development version

This page provides links to the latest, and possibly unstable, version of the Dexter tools via Java Web Start as well as links to downloadable .jar files. For more information on installation options, please see the page How to install Dexter.

For information on how to report problems with Dexter, launch either program, click on "Help", and read the topic How to report a problem.

Please don't hesitate to contact Gregory if you have problems, or if you would like access to the source code.

Sample files

Here's a test file you are welcome to try the Converter on: Lewis_transcript.txt. And here's an XML version of the test file, which should match the one you produce with the Converter. You may use this to try out the Coder: Lewis_transcript.xml.

Install Dexter via Java Web Start (recommended)

Click the icon to launch the Dexter Converter:

Click the icon to launch the Dexter Coder:

Manual installation

Below are links to the the .jar files required to run Dexter manually, which are in turn wrapped into .zip archives. You will have to unzip these after downloading. Make sure you unzip both zip files into the same directory.

Note that you need to download two zip files. The first contains the Dexter components that are updated frequently. The second contains support files that are unlikely to change often.

Dexter version 0.7.0
Dexter files:
Support files: